Ozempic is a once-week injectable medication formulated to help adults to manage blood sugar levels.  Although it is not officially a weight loss drug, research, and clinical trials have shown people who take Ozempic may lose a modest amount of weight while on the medication.

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What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is an FDA-approved prescription medication for the treatment of type-2 diabetes in adults.  It helps to improve blood sugar levels and improve the hemoglobin A1C levels in the blood which ultimately reduces heart disease and the risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke.

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How does Ozempic work for weight loss?

This medication enhances the effect of the naturally occurring hormone GLP-1 to help with weight reduction by:

  • affecting the hunger center in the brain, reducing hunger, appetite, and cravings
  • slows the rate of stomach emptying, resulting in a prolonged feeling of fullness after meals.

Who can use Ozempic?

Ozempic is an excellent treatment for obesity for patients who have struggled to lose weight through diet and exercise alone (and/or have a BMI of 30 or higher) and is willing to use once-weekly injection long-term.

While taking Ozempic may help patients lose weight, while on the drug, they can gain much of the weight back after discontinuing the medication if a proper diet and exercise regimen is not kept in place.

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Who can not use Ozempic?

Anyone with contraindications like a history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasias, or a history of pancreatitis should not use Ozempic.

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