Holiday time is routinely associated with shopping, stress, family gatherings, bad weather, decreased physical activities and high calorie meals.  However when the holiday season is finally over, the bathroom scale reveals that you’ve gained some weight again.  Here are few tips to help avoid gaining those unwanted pounds.

1.       Stay active – engage in regular and sustained aerobic activity to burn off those extra calories.

2.       Don’t starve yourself – eat 5 to 6 small filling but low in calorie meals a day.  Starving or one meal a day can result in “binging”. Don’t go to parties hungry.

3.       Choose healthier options – eat more fruits, vegetables and meats that are more lean and high in protein. Avoid creamy sauces, high fat dressings and sugary sweets.

4.       Refuse politely – don’t be forced to eat.  Say “no thank you.  Everything was delicious” or “I’ve had enough.  Everything tasted wonderful”.

5.       Socialize – away from the food and sweets table. Conversation is calorie-free.

6.       Take time for you – reduce your stress which can result in overeating by doing things for yourself.  Schedule a massage, exercise, yoga/meditate, read a book, ….

7.       Planning ahead – Don’t make your fitness resolution after the New Year, start working out now.

8.       Sleep well – have a good night sleep during the holiday seasons. Lack of sleep may make you cranky and you may take out your frustration by eating more.

9.       Don’t rush – eat slowly and chew your food well. Not only it will fill you better it will also help you enjoy your meal better.

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