ZELTIQ BEVERLY HILLSWith this new device available, a hand piece is placed on the area of interest where the fat cells are, in one hour, with No anesthesia,  No pain, No incisions/Scars and minimal downtime the fat cells are frozen. Over the 3-6 weeks following the procedure the fat cells shrink in size and reduce in number.  There is up to 50% reduction in the amount of fat present in the treated area. This new device by Zeltiq is now available at Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical Group.  The treatment is called Coolsculpting and is now offered at an introductory price .  For more information please contact our office at 310.360.0504 for your complimentary consultation.

The Zeltiq Procedure is comfortable

During the Zeltiq procedure, patients read, work on their laptop computers, listen to music, or just relax. In properly selected patients, the non-invasive Zeltiq Procedure results in a notice­able, natural-looking reduction in fat bulges in two to four months, without the pain, risk, and recovery time of invasive procedures.