We are pleased to introduce the country’s first oxygen-based multi-wavelength light therapy system, OxyGlow.

This revolutionary skincare process is the newest way to achieve younger looking skin without the use of invasive and painful lasers.  OxyGlow’s three-step system combines microdermabrasion, anti-oxidant infused oxygen therapy, and multi-wavelength LED lighting treatment together with a smoothing B Complex and wine extract revitalizing gel.

OxyGlow utilizes LED lights specifically designed to heal and restore damaged skin cells and increase collagen production.  Considered the most versatile facial therapy now available on the market, the multiple wavelength settings have the ability to treat a variety of skin imperfections including uneven skin tones, skin discoloration, sunburns, sunspots, acne, cellulite and can even stimulate hair growth!

Beautiful revitalized skin is now only a lunch-break away.  Each OxyGlow treatment takes just under thirty minutes, with no downtime or discomfort.

For more info please contact our office at 310.360.0504